Top 4 home remedies for fleas

How to get rid of fleas’ is a bit difficult question for the pet owners as it is very tricky to control these fleas. But there some home remedies for fleas and precautionary measures that help you to get rid of fleas. The washing of the carrier and blanket of the pet is also good measures. With this, you also should vacuum the cushions, chairs, and couches to control it. But remember to empty the vacuum bag in the trash cans outside your house. However, there are also some effective home remedies that help you to manage this problem in a greater way. But these home remedies only affect the adult species and leave the eggs and larvae that can cause another flea infestation to arise. But Here, we will discuss some effective home remedies that can is equally effective for both adult and larvae. Let’s dig into it!

Home remedies for fleas


Salt is a natural home remedy to treat flea-like baking soda and other home remedies. It works best when go along with by vacuuming as it functions as a dehydration agent that is too much effective when you want to get rid of adult fleas.


  • Take finely ground salt and sprinkle some salt over the carpets
  • Leave it for one to two days and vacuum the carpet of each room
  • Throw the content in a garbage can outside of your house

Lemon spray for fleas

Lemon has multiple benefits when it comes to treating insects like it is very beneficial to treat wasp stings. You can also use it to control fleas around your house. This lemon spray can be used on an infected area that helps you to get rid of fleas.


  • Take thin slices of lemon and add them in water
  • Bring it to boil and leave it to rest overnight
  • Pour this solution into a large spray bottle
  • Take this citrus spray on the verminous area of your houses like bedding, cushions, chairs, and sofas.
  • But remember don’t soak, just dampen down.


Rosemary is an organic product that is one of the best home remedies for fleas control. It is also used to treat light plagues. It is a natural flea repellent that helps you to prevent your pets from fleas. You can make a herbal flea powder with rosemary that is very helpful to treat fleas in your house.


  • Take rosemary, peppermint, wormwood, rue, and fennel into a grinder and make a fine powder of them.
  • Sprinkle this powder over your carpet, window sills, cushions, pet bedding, furniture and anywhere you are suspicious about flea activity around your home.
  • Leave it to rest for overnight and then clean it by vacuuming.

Flea repelling plants

The last home remedy that can help to treat flea is the flea repelling plants. These are the specific plants that are used for the treatment of biting insects. These plants have specific chemicals, oils, and a compound which fleas dislike and avoid. Place these plants in your home in flower pots. The plants which keep fleas away are Chrysanthemums, Spearmint, Penny Royal, and Lavender.


These natural home remedies for fleas give you the best solution to control the fleas in your home that is good for you and your beloved pet.

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