The Miracle of Surrogacy Explored in 2019

It surely is a beautiful sight, experiencing childbirth after a long nine months of impatiently waiting for your little bundle of joys, someone who will complete you and your household. However, the world is still unfair and it has deprived many women off of this beautiful experience. These women are told that they cannot have children due to some medical issues. However, this is the 21st century where doctors and scientists have worked hard to make the impossible happen.

What is Surrogacy?

The miracle of childbirth is something everybody recognizes but the miracle of surrogacy is something that can defy laws and make possible the very impossible. There are several centers such as the surrogacy center in Kanpur which help families by using a surrogate for their newborn.

In cases when the biological mother of the child is unable to carry the baby throughout the pregnancy, due to medical or other personal reasons, then a surrogate is hired. Surrogate is a term used for another women who is willing to carry this women’s child for nine months and then give the child back to the women after birth.

Basically, the process involves another procedure called the In-Vitro Fertilization after which the surrogacy process commences.

What is the IVF process?

Surrogacy centers in Kanpur have specialized IVF doctors who carry this part out. IVF is the fertilization of an egg by a sperm in the in-Vitro condition. IVF doctors take a mature egg from a mother to be and mixes it with the sperm of the father to be. Fertilization takes place and an embryo is formed. This embryo is then placed inside of the mother’s uterus if she is healthy and capable to give birth. If not, then a surrogate helps with this process.

Surrogates are well taken care of like any other pregnant women. All her tests are taken beforehand and her entire pregnancy is administered properly, to ensure the health of surrogate and the child as well. The biological family of this child is encouraged to be equally involved in the pregnancy of their surrogate because she bringing their much awaited joy.

What happens after the birth of the child?

These surrogates first file a contract in which they confirm that they will not have any ties with the child or its family after birth, however, it depends upon the family if they still want to let the surrogate have any ties or relation with the child afterwards.

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