Facts About Solar Panels You Did Not Know

The use of green energy is increasing with each passing day. Individuals are working hard to protect their environment and one of the most common methods being used to adopt green energy is solar power.

A lot of people use solar panels in their homes in order to generate energy for their day to day use. You may also think about getting a few panels for your home but are unsure about the details of the panels. So, here are a few facts to help you out.

Renewable energy

When we talk about green or renewable energy, we essentially refer to the things that won’t end. For instance, the light from sun is something that is crucial for the existence of the mankind. If it goes dark, the life on this planet is very unlikely to survive.

Same is the case with other renewable energies such as wind and water. Till the time the life exists on this planet, these energy sources will be there for our assistance and will never be exhausted.

It is free and always will be

On the other hand, the use of solar energy is completely free. From a perspective, you may think that how the use of solar energy is free.

You have to get the panels and pay the price for installation. The complete setup costs a decent amount and maintenance is another thing to take care of. So, how is it free? Well, the installation and other charges aside, you are not paying sun any single penny for using the energy coming from it. This is why the solar energy is labelled as free because you won’t have to pay to sun for using the energy coming from it.

Solar panels and its working

These panels come with solar cells which are also named the photovoltaic cells. They consist of semiconductors which can help in converting the sunlight into electricity. As the light hits up a cell, the electron from that cell gets separated and flow through the cells, generating current and making it a useable form of energy.

Installation of the panels

You have two primary types of panels, the photovoltaic or PV panels and the solar thermal panels. Many individuals say that the initial cost is very high. In many cases, you are overestimating the cost. And if you see the return it provides, you are likely to recover on the costs in a few months in terms of your power bills that you pay.

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