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5 ways Instagram can hurt your Business, if not properly used

Instagram has been around since 2010 and has turned into a massive presence on the web. Most businesses have an Instagram presence, but some have not figured out how to use the service to the company’s advantage.

The top five mistakes businesses make on Instagram are outlined below:

Using the Company Name as an Instagram Handle

It may sound backward, but a company using its own name as an Instagram handle can be a poor strategy that repels users. A better approach is to join the service as a person, with the company identity in the account’s bio. If the account is customer service oriented, a name such as ‘HTC’ or ‘Google’ is acceptable, although it will leave fewer characters for people to reply.

Turning the Instagram Account into a Megaphone

Another ineffective tactic is using Instagram simply to draw attention to a brand without any intention of personal interaction. This approach will make users hit the block button with record speed. While it is acceptable for a company to post news or make announcements through stories, that should not be the sole purpose of the account. It is suggested that you use your account as a place to interact with your customers and potential customers, not just a forum for promoting your business. So make sure you are listening and responding to them, not just shouting information at them. This way you can increase your fan base from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of fans. Also, consider to buy real active Instagram followers to get most out of this network.

Creating Fake Accounts

Some brands have created multiple accounts in order to talk up a brand and make it more popular. This not only does not work, but it can also have numerous negative consequences, including being banned from Instagram. Some may think this is a quick way to build a good reputation and get people talking about your company, however, you most likely will get caught and that is the quickest way to destroy your credibility.

Being a Know-It-All

It may seem like a good idea for a company to show how savvy and capable it is by bragging in every feed post, but this is a false assumption. Instagram offers the opportunity for many different people to converse together, and arrogance at any level will turn users off. It is best practice for a business to first listen to its followers and then respond.

Following too many Accounts

A misconception about being new to Instagram is that a business must follow as many accounts as possible in order to be followed back. This may have the opposite effect, as many people will not follow a company that initiates the relationship. A company should also pay attention to its follower-to-following ratio. The two numbers should be about the same at all times.

Some companies think that creating an Instagram account is the only necessary step in having successful online social media activity, and just stop there. However, if you don’t know how to properly use it, your account could be more of a hindrance than a help—make sure you know all of the dos and don’ts of Instagram usage before you dive in.

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